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Bitter Creek Bridge Replacement

WLC contracted with a large National Oil Company to provide design services, construction services, and contract administration. The bridge replaces an existing structure that was not adequate to handle the loads from oil well drilling equipment. Our design called for the use of a prefabricated single span bridge. This design did not require obtaining a Nationwide 404 permit from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and the WDEQ for temporary turbidity increase during construction which resulted in lower project costs and quicker completion of the project. All construction work was completed without disruption to streambed. The existing structure was removed, and the center wood pilings cut off. Due to the remoteness of the site, WLC proposed to use a prefabricated bridge that could be hauled to the site in sections and erected with a mobile crane. The bridge is a single span design of approximately 60’ with a 16’ width. The bridge is designed to meet AASHTO HS 25-44 loading requirements. The existing back wall and wings wall were left in place. The soil conditions allowed the use of a prefabricated abutment without additional pilings or subsurface support. The prefabricated abutment was set behind the existing back wall and filled with concrete. The simplicity of the bridge design and ease of construction allowed the contractor to complete the bridge in approximately three weeks.